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"Hi, its nice to have you here!

This webspace is intended to give you an idea about the 3dMonkeyStudio and what we do.

It began between 2007 and 2018, when our founding father Rudolf, a professional full-time freelancer from Germany, was commissioned by different companys as programmer and project manager, specialized in lighting design, for a variety of projects in the professional show business industry in Europe and the UAE.

During this time, according to the challenges of the daily business, he built up a local computer network that offers the right performance for the entire 3d production process to develop interactive real-time applications, animation renderings and live multimedia shows

He established this at the dpma in 2015 as the privately held registered trademark e-LD®. 

Today e-LD® is the exclusive tech provider for the 3dMonkeyStudio. The place where the future, or the past, can be shaped, or reshaped, in virtuality."

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